Warranty Policy

Warranty policy

Diamond Market seeks to achieve customer satisfaction fully with the products it buys through us, so we have provided a policy for replacing or retrieving products, and product recovery is subject to the following conditions and controls:

  1. Souqdiamond accepts the retrieval or replacement of products within 15 days of the date the product was requested.
  2. To accept the recovery or replacement of products, the following conditions must be met:
  • The customer has not used the products in any way or has obtained any benefit from them.
  • The products were not damaged by the misuse of the user
  • The products have not been removed from their serial numbers.
  • The customer has not damaged the packaging of the products or any of its accessories or accessories.
  • The products are not inherently non-recoverable, such as foodstuffs, underwear, socks or other products whose return leads to damage to the product or the possibility of customers suffering any damage.
  • The product has not been prepared, manufactured or prepared based on specifications specified by the customer.
  • The customer must keep the purchase invoice.
  • In all cases, the product must be in its condition upon receipt.
  1. Souqdiamond will immediately accept the return or replacement of products that do not meet the specifications or have defects due to Souqdiamond or its affiliates.
  2. The customer submits the request for retrieval or replacement according to the procedures specified on the site, and the request must include all data related to the product, the purchase invoice, the reasons for replacement or retrieval, while supporting the request with pictures if possible.
  3. Souqdiamond reviews the return or replacement request submitted by the customer, and in the event that the request is valid and in accordance with the conditions, the site will replace or retrieve the product, but if the request is incorrect and does not meet the conditions, Souqdiamond will refuse to replace or retrieve the product.
  4. If the return request is accepted, Souqdiamond will refund the amount paid by the customer within 15 days of the account.